Beautify Your Bathroom with Any of These Four Adaptable House Plants

If you’re looking for ways to fit plants into your interior décor plans, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s quite simple – even in harder-to-plan spaces, like your bathroom. You know as well as we do, though, that plants are a perfect, budget-friendly way to liven up your apartment’s floor plan, all while cleansing your home’s air supply and boosting your mood overall.

Better yet, it’s easier than you might think to beautify your bathroom with some greenery, despite the challenge of high humidity levels and low light, which can stunt the growth of many plant types. Don’t fret, however! The following four species of common house plants thrive in these types of conditions, making them ideal picks for your bathroom.

Spider Plant

They’re a classic for a reason! Spider plants are always in style, which is great news if you’re looking for a bathroom plant that will withstand trends. Spider plants are easy to grow and adapt to low light levels. For best results, keep them slightly moist during spring to summer, and a little drier in winter.

Maidenhair Fern

If you’re looking for a delicate, lacy look, turn to Maidenhair Ferns. These plants love high humidity, making them perfect for situating next to your shower. Bright, indirect light and constant moisture are your best bets, if you want to keep the Maidenhair Fern in tip-top shape.

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns are typically high-maintenance – unless you place them in your bathroom. That’s because this type of fern thrives in humidity. Because they also require a lot of light, they’ll do well near a bathroom window. Keep a broom handy, too – they drop leaves often, so you will want to pick them up, as needed.

Peace Lily

Lilies add a timeless touch to just about every room. So, why not inject some classic style into your bathroom with a Peace Lily? They’re low-maintenance, and despite seeking out moderate to bright light, peace lilies adapt well to low light levels.

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