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Calming Night Routines That Pave the Way for Better Sleep

Unwinding before you go to bed is crucial, if you want to enjoy restful, restorative sleep. However, for many of us, we rush straight from dinner to household chores and family obligations, and before we know it, we’re falling into bed, utterly exhausted. Though it may seem like you don’t have the time to properly relax before bed, even just 30 minutes of calm can work wonders for your sleep habits. Try it for yourself with these 3 suggestions for things to do before bedtime.

Turn off your devices.

This one is simple: turning off your devices will prevent bothersome notifications from delaying your bedtime or keeping you up at night. In fact, many studies advise that you turn off your devices at least one hour before bedtime. This will allow your brain plenty of time to recover from the constant stimulation these devices provide. Not to mention, avoiding potentially stressful news alerts and social media notifications will help you put aside your worries for the night and get to sleep.

Read something soothing.

Looking for something calming to do before officially calling it a night? Turning to a good book or article before bed can signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down, potentially leading the way to better, more restful sleep. All you must do is find some material that you’re interested in and read it right before closing your eyes. The only rule? Make sure your material isn’t stressful, or you could risk keeping yourself up at night with worrisome thoughts.

Journal your thoughts and reminders.

For many of us, lying in bed at night comes with many thoughts, from the important tasks you must remember for the following day, to stressors that we may have about work or family. If your racing mind is what prevents restful sleep, try journaling before you hit the sack. Consider writing about your daily stressors or listing your to-dos for the week. Getting your thoughts on paper tends to release them from the mind, therefore freeing up your mental capacity before you drift off to sleep.

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