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For a Thanksgiving Craft, Try Making These Rainbow Corn Husk Flowers

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are your children in the spirit yet? With many children across the country engaging in distance learning, your kids might miss the crafts and hands-on activities common to most curriculums. So, why not replicate a fun classroom activity with this DIY project for painted Corn Husk Flowers? All you need is paint, corn husks, and a few other tools to create a cute and seasonal corn husk flower, which can then be attached to a stem or simple headband. Read on to learn how to do this simple craft at home.

You will need:

• Dried corn husks
• Paint and paint brushes
• Chalk markers
• Hot glue gun
• Large popsicle sticks
• Headband (optional, if you want to make the decorative headband)


1. You’ll want to first hot glue your corn husks together to form a flower pattern (or semicircle for the headband).

2. Allow your kids to grab the paint and add color to the corn husks. After the paint has dried, encourage them to create fun designs on top of the paint using the chalk markers.

3. For the flowers, you can decorate your popsicle sticks with the markers and hot glue two of them together and to the base of your flower to form a stem.

4. For the headband, simply use a plain headband and hot glue your corn husks on.

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