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Freshen up Your Apartment Home – Just in Time for Spring – with These Easy-to-Follow Crafts

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Spring is in the air – can you feel it? There’s something about warmer days that lift your mood and make you want to spend more time doing things you enjoy, like safely socializing with friends, heading to the local park with your family, or making something seasonally appropriate with your hands. If you fall into the latter category, you’re in luck – we’ve sourced 4 simple springtime DIY projects from Country Living, so you can stay busy all season.

Rick Rack Lampshade

Spruce up your lampshades with a whimsical rick rack ribbon. Simply use craft glue to attach assorted widths of rick rack in any colors you like to a blank 11-inch lampshade. Allow to dry, and proudly display your new, spring-ready décor.

Seed Packet Wreath

Spring is a prime season for gardeners! Celebrate warmer days by creating a simple Seed Packet Wreath, using either vintage or modern seed packets. Attach 12 to 14 paper packets to a 12-inch foam wreath using straight pins. For extra flair, add a few flowers to the display.

Spool Monogram

Monogram wall art is very trendy. But, instead of buying something from a retailer, you can easily make a Spool Monogram at home. Either purchase an oversized letter of your choosing or cut one out of thick cardboard. From there, hot-glue spools to the surface. Ta-da! You’ve got a ready-to-hang monogram.

Stenciled Animal Mugs

Add a country chic touch to coffee mugs with this tutorial. Buy a pack of farm animal stencils (or any other type of stencils you like) and affix them in the center of a clean, dry mug. Following the package directions, fill in the outline with dishwasher-safe paint; when dry, remove the stencil. Clean up edges with a damp cotton swab, and allow to cure for 10 days before using.

Whether it’s money, pet care, or DIY tips, we have all the information you need right here at Oxford at Lake View Apartments in Corinth, Texas. We invite you to enhance your lifestyle with these helpful tips and suggestions!

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