5 Cool Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving It

When it comes to celebrating fall, carving pumpkins is a popular must-do activity. However, many of us don’t like to admit that carving pumpkins can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. Between dealing with the mess of pumpkin flesh, stray seeds, and sticky pulp, and dedicating long stretches of time to tracing the perfect design, this seemingly simple activity can easily overwhelm you.

This year, instead of carving the traditional jack-o-lantern, mix things up by skipping the carving altogether and decorating your pumpkin with paint, sequins, or other art supplies instead! Here are 5 ideas to inspire you.

Sequined Spider Pumpkin

Love the look of a bejeweled pumpkin? Add a spooky twist with a sequin spider! Use tweezers and a good adhesive to secure sequins to the pumpkin in a spider shape. Add multiple spiders, if you wish.

Batty Pumpkin

Create your very own easy DIY project with this simple trick for making a pumpkin look like a bat. Simply paint any mini pumpkin all black, adding teeth with a hint of blood. Cut ears and wings out of card stock and attach it to the pumpkin with glue.

Magazine Cut-Out Pumpkin

Got a lot of old magazines? Make a funny face in minutes with this idea. All you must do is cut out eyes and mouths to use on your pumpkin. Use craft glue to stick the faces on and your pumpkin is complete!

Chalkboard Pumpkin

Chalkboards are a popular décor item – which is why it only makes sense that this trend has made its way to pumpkins! Cover your pumpkin in black chalkboard paint, grab some chalk, and go to town with Halloween-inspired phrases, faces, or symbols.

Mummy Pumpkin

For a classic Halloween pumpkin, you can’t beat this mummy look! Wrap a pumpkin in cheesecloth to create an ominous-looking mummy's head, then add black construction-paper eyes.

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