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One of These 4 Scents Will Boost Your Mood in Seconds Flat

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Have you ever noticed that certain scents can help break you out of your bad mood? Perhaps it’s the smell of a freshly baked cookie or a whiff of your favorite cologne or perfume. It’s true that certain scents can elevate our spirits. Here are 4 scents scientifically proven to help make you happier and more relaxed.


Want to feel energized and all-around better? Inhale orange, grapefruit, and lemon scents. We associate these uplifting scents with cleanliness, and their top notes tend to make us feel better, fitter, more confident, and in control.


If you’ve been a little on-edge, try taking a big whiff of lavender. Lavender helps temporarily sedate the nervous system. The essential oil is well-known for its calming properties – which explains why the essential oil is in countless baths and spa products.


Did you know that vanilla is one of the aromatics in baby formula? Perhaps that’s why humans associate nurturing with this universally appealing scent. No matter how you enjoy it, taking in the scent of vanilla is very calming and will result in positive, soothing feelings.


Missing the warmth of the holidays? You can still enjoy those feel-good moments with a holiday-scented candle. These nostalgic scents boost our mood by creating a comforting atmosphere in our homes, reminding us of times spent with loved ones.

Optimize every aspect of your life with these interesting tips and ideas, courtesy of the professional team at Oxford at Lake View Apartments in Corinth, Texas.

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