3 Cool Perks Regularly Available to Military Families

Without a doubt, our military members do a lot to help ensure the security of our national borders, both abroad and overseas. Though military members can’t be thanked enough, many companies dole out perks and freebies designed to make life a little better for military service members and their families. You’re likely familiar with a few common military perks, but did you know that these 3 programs exist? Be sure to take advantage of these stellar military perks!

Free Theme Park Admission

You likely know that museums offer free or deeply discounted museum admission to service people. But, did you know that your family can also take advantage of free theme park admission? Thanks to the Waves of Honor program, active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsmen enjoy free admission to any Anheuser-Busch theme park once a year.

Veterans Day Meals and Other Freebies

Enjoy a good meal, free of charge, when your military family takes advantage of meals on Veterans Day. Every year, on Veterans Day, restaurants across the nation give out free meals and other discounts or freebies to veterans. Be sure to check with the restaurant before you order, however. Many restaurants only apply the freebie to people on active duty.

Free Grants for Children’s Activities

Keeping kids occupied is no small – or inexpensive – feat. That’s why military families across the U.S. love Military Kids, which awards grants to cover the costs of sports, fine arts, camps, and tutoring programs while their military parent is actively enrolled in service or recovering from an injury. Military Kids applies to children of Wounded Warriors or those who are in the National Guard or Reserves and are deployed overseas.

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